Life Cultivation Sessions

Do you want to understand, change and elevate your life? Experience greater health, happiness and wellbeing? Develop more freedom and wisdom?

Working on life is a continual process and the potential for health and growth is infinite. Learning to make it light, fun and enjoyable makes the process smoother and faster.   Whether we want to clear problems on the level of health, life or relationships problems or work on a new life direction Totality Healing provides a comprehensive toolkit to make real and deep changes and transformations to life.

Life Cultivation sessions involve;

  1. Gaining tools to know oneself enhance.  Heightening the skills of Self examination and Self awareness thus developing more self responsibility in solving lifes problems.   The  consciousness is the master of life.  The core work of the session is to    transform life through identifying and understanding the patterns on both behavioural and consciousness  (heart/mind) levels that limit our growth and potential.
  1. Changing Oneself by changing the patterns, the limiting stories by changing the information on the level of the consciousness.  This process of change can be supported by Yi Qi technique, Qifield building, relaxation and guided meditation.  Please click here for more information on Yi Qi Therapy.
  1. 5 Xin Care, providing support and care on the level of heart to make real changes.  Providing a safe environment and state in which to change.  The 5 Xin refers to developing and deepening fundamental innate human qualities such as trust, openness, love, gratitude and respect.  When we develop these qualities internally healing and change happen more easefully and naturally.

Where do the roots of Totality Healing come from?

Yuan Ming Medicine which is inclusive of Totality Healing and Yi Qi Therapy are based on the founder Yuan Tze’s deep level of understanding and the discoveries made in his life cultivation and work in helping others.  The roots of the tools used in this unique healing modality stem from ancient wisdom culture of a variety of backgrounds including, Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, Traditional Chinese Medicine,Taichi and Qigong as well as western science and modern healing modalities.

What are the Special features of using Totality Healing to transform and uplift life?

  • Internal focus – as we go deeper within ourselves and understand our inner world the more we gain inner peace and clarity.  As we rely less on the external to find solutions we become instantly self empowered.  We can transform our lives from the inside out.
  • True healing is seen not about solely fixing symptoms and eliminating diseases it refers to healing the whole life.
  • All work is done in a positive and uplifted state.  It is the only way to gain real clarity and find solutions
  • A sound theoretical base which is holistic at its core based on the theories of Qi, Consciousness and Totality ‘total reality’.
  • Working in the present tense to resolve past issues. By working in the present moment we gain more clarity on how the and present are connected and we heal the past by changing our view of the present.  “Being in the present” allows us to move towards learning and cultivating life in every moment.
  • Learn tools that guides us through the process of Self Realisation and Life cultivation to construct the true self. The process of becoming a new you, becoming more aware and free from unhealthy patterns and attachments.
  • Becoming the master of one’s destiny through the process of identifying and clearing the habits and patterns that affect our health and lives in unhealthy ways.
  • Becoming the healer of our own lives as we become aware of the link between health problems and patterns of the consciousness.
  • Harmony is a goal to work towards, finding our inner balance, unifying our body, mind and consciousness we create an inner harmony that will be reflected in our relationship with others and the world around us.
  • We discover true meaning and purpose in our lives and make positive choices that bring benefits to both ourselves, other people and the planet

For more insight into Ren Xue and Totality Healing please click on the link below to watch “planet of Wisdom”


“Slowly I  have come to realize that  Ren Xue and Qigong was alot more than just restoring the physical body. Since my early twenties I had been reading a lot of books essentially telling me the same things Ren Xue does. But it was mostly theoretical knowledge and because of the life I lead at the time with all my unhealthy habits, I was never in a calm enough state to really implement the wisdom contained in the books.

Qi Gong and Ren Xue have greatly helped me to calm down my mind and identify and understand which of my life activities were unhealthy and unnecessary. They have also given me a range of practical tools which I can implement in just about any situation of my life, without the people around me even noticing”. (David Hollenstein)