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How do we move towards a state of truly living and being?

What is between you and this state of ‘being and enjoying life as it is’?

When we are connected we become more present and in a state of joy and acceptance which is the best state to cultivate a healthy life and develop potential abilities and wisdom.

Qigong can help connect us to connect ourselves, to nature, improve our health energy levels and relationships and overall quality of life

Heart wisdom is about creating this space for people to come together to share and learn in a nourishing environment, it is a space of peace, relaxation and co-creative learning

More people are feeling the stress of our modern day pace and are looking for “time out” , balance and relaxation which sometimes needs to be ‘scheduled’ in too.  When we relax it is so much easier to think and act clearly. The direction we take is up to us.

What ever we direct our focus on grows.  If we want health, happiness and to develop our potentials, create more peace, cultivate wisdom we must give ourselves the space and time in everyday to create this.

Every bit of effort we make accumulates, contributing in a positive way to our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet

Meet The Teacher

Natalie Meijer  – Qualified Qigong Teacher and Therapist

I have been practicing qigong which is an ancient body mind form used to improve the energy flow in the body for over 10 years.  I have trained with the Yuan Tze Centre in Wellington in both Zhineng Qigong and Yuan Gong.  I recently moved to Nelson, New Zealand to share this artform and numbers are building steadily. Many benefits can be found for health issues. Online sessions are also available.

Natalie has worked with alternative modalities of healing and health since 2000 and has been working on life cultivation since 1995

Background Qualifications

Diploma in Remedial massage, energetic/shamanic healing, Anatomy and Physiology (2 years)

Diploma in Holistic Lifecare – Counselling and Life Coaching (3 years)

Qigong Teachers and Therapists Training (2 1/2 years)

Continual professional development program for Qigong Teachers and Therapists 6 years (2012-2018)

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