Yi Qi Therapy

Yi Qi therapy is a healing modality that looks at how our consciousness (Yi) impacts on our energy/health/life force (Qi). It is a holistic approach that recognizes the root causes of symptoms or disease. Yi Qi therapy works to cultivate life as a whole by understanding each person’s path towards optimal health as unique.

Yi-Qi therapy addresses our Qi condition (the energetic imbalances or blockages) that contribute to illness. The goal of Yi-Qi therapy is to create within your body and mind an optimum environment for healing to take place and to activate and strengthen your body’s self-healing ability.

Yi-Qi therapy is intended to educate and assist you in bringing yourself back to balance and harmony and to empower you to take charge of your own health and life. The healing effectiveness is based on you as a healing recipient and the therapist forming a partnership/professional relationship based on trust, mutual respect, understanding and growth.

Yi Qi therapy works alongside Renxue and Yuan Gong to enhance the process of uplifting ones life. A safe and effective method that combines counselling and healing to gain focus and clarity around things that need changing in our lives.

In Yi Qi therapy we take a holistic approach, healing a person’s life is primary and healing the illness is complementary. We do not separate physical health issues from issues on the external levels of life, everything is connected.

Healing involves gaining understanding of our true condition on both the physical, emotional and mental levels. We work towards having a more complete awareness of life and being able to uplift our lives to a healthier place.

Qi-therapy combined with patient’s own qigong practice can help for a wide variety of conditions including those that modern medicine finds hard to treat.  By discovering the connections between health and life problems and the consciousness we can learn to be the healer of our own lives.


What is Qi?

Qi you can say is one of the basic building blocks of the universe. Everything is transformed from Qi. The process of transformation can be seen as a process of constantly changing ‘from nothingness to existence, from existence to nothingness’. On a more basic level we can call qi life force, vital force which is made up of energy, matter and information.

It is what is described by alot of holistic health modalities as energy. Energy however is not a full translation as it does not include the relationship with matter or the information that influences this energy or vital force.

Qi is used as the measuring stick to evaluate what effect thoughts, emotions or actions have on life, either beneficial or unbeneficial to our general wellbeing and life direction.

What is a Qi field?

Qi is present in everything and everywhere in the universe. Everything has it’s own specific properties and nature which make up a qi field. We have a qi field around each one of us, specific places have a qifield. Most of us have a sense of a person or a place, it is something we feel. We feel the qualities of a place and may feel good or not so good with a person or in a place. Some people can see qi and can describe it in colours or brightness.

In relation to illness we can say a persons qifield is unhealthy or abnormal if a health problem is presenting itself. The information of the qifield is unhealthy with the root directly linked to unhealthy patterns within the consciousness.

For example if there is an abnormal growth there is also a qifield around the growth. While surgery removes the growth often it grows back because the qifield of the illness has not been removed. We can change and transform unhealthy qifield by working on chi and information. During this process there can be reactions, even very old information that has not manifested for years may suddenly come to the surface, it is the old qifield being purified. From this point of view a real cure is when the sick qifield is completely healed to enhance the process of uplifting one’s life.

When we have a health problem, where does it come from?

On a broad level we can say that illness is brought about by genetic influences of the past, everything in our consciousness and behaviour that inhibits health such as unhealthy thoughts, emotions and life habits.

On a more specific level we can say that all illness can be attributed to disorders of Qi – Qi deficiency, Qi blockage, poor quality Qi or a combination of these. By replenishing or unblocking Qi or by improving the quality and quantity of chi illness will be improved or dissolved completely.


I recieved a qi healing from Natalie.  I was feeling scattered, busy in the head, stressed and confused,dull and cloudy-As I often am! Natalie explained in a very logical and easy way to relate to how Qi, mind and body works and affects us and how a Qi healing combines, unifies and disperse qi energy to bring about healing.  I left feeling calm, centred, relaxed, joyful and “normal”.  It is amazing to start to experience what it truly feels to be normal“. JY Australia

I have found one on one healing sessions with Natalie very beneficial. Sometimes I ‘ can’t see the wood for the trees’ energy feels low and I am not sure why.  Sometimes I have something specific that feels stuck. Sharing these circumstances with Natalie has been so helpful in shifting both physical and emotional energy. I gain insight and leave feeling lighter, grounded open and spacious. It’s  a very valuable experience’.
CB, Nelson


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