Global Ren Xue Full Moon theme 22nd December “Reflect on 2018 and get ready for 2019”. 

What has 2018 been for you?  Whatever it has been with gratitude we can transform even a challenging year into treasure.

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 Still with the passing of each year and the beginning of the next there is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the year just gone.  When you do, try to do this in a ‘wholistic’ way .  When we look at things in their ‘wholeness’ we need to see things from different angles, to see the totality as best we can, to do this we must use our heart.  Each year may present different themes, challenges, beauty but at the same time each year is a piece of our total lifetime and there is always positive and negative and positive in the negative and negative in the positive and also everything is in a constant state of change and can be changed

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What happend this year is an important piece of the puzzle for next year.   Usually the goals we set in the new year are in response to the year just passed.  When we set goals try to focus not only on external goals but also internal ones as it is the internal ones that will impact our lives in a more beneficial way both internally and externally.  It is the internal shift we need to make to fundamentally change the external.  When we reflect on  our personal growth try to see both the improvements we have already made and those that still need some work.  When we develop an internal way of working with goal setting we can more easily mine the gemstones of life and more likely reach true contentment, health, wellbeing and happiness in life.

This process of looking back and looking forward. We can do this alone, write it down, we can do this with others, friends, family, partner to further reflect and connect and to gain clarity and more understanding of the year just passed and of our future direction and to gain clarity of the things we wish to let go of that does not serve our health, happiness and growth. 

Individual Life Direction/Cultivation Sessions

I offer one on one sessions to make this process a more conscious one.  I have been doing individual sessions since I returned from overseas and have received much positive feedback.  This continues with some small changes.  Online sessions and sessions at my home will remain at $50 an hour.  Sessions in Nelson where I now need to hire a space for sessions will need to increase to $60.

Classes in 2019

I am getting ready to come back to Yuan gong and Ren Xue teaching next year in February starting with a 10 week course focusing on life development realization and wisdom (Ming Yuan) from the final training in California I attended recently.  It is open to all but some background work would benefit those that did not attend any heart/pattern work workshops with me previously that can be accessed through heart wisdom online platform.

More information with full program will be given in January but here is a overview.

 Ming Yuan (clarity, to shine bright light on something so we can see things clearer)

The course entails

Movements, Meditations and Mindfulness to integrate and unify body mind and qi to create internal harmony with Yuan Qigong.

This unification is the basis for a good meditation practice. We will deepen the Meditations to open and deepen the connection to our hearts and relationship to ourselves and others and to grow more mindfulness in everyday life.

Self observation and awareness in everyday life, bringing it into every moment of life we reach more clarity and self realization.

‘Pure observation combined with a open heart can lead the way to higher realization of your true nature/self and the ever growing potential of wisdom.

We will explore 20 common habitual patterns of the consciousness that block us from our freedom to be full of health, wellbeing and potential.

choosing and Identifying a pattern or particular area of our lives we would like to work on to gain better understanding of ourselves and to better focus our work to create change and gain practical understanding on how to apply the teaching.