QiGong is a holistic approach to healthcare and life. Discover the body mind exercises that work on strengthening the connection and awareness between body mind and Qi (life force). Qigong brings a higher level of self awareness by training the mind to go inwards and activating the consciousness in a healthy way. Yuan gong is a  form of qigong distilled in ancient wisdom adapted for our modern times

Yuan Gong

Embodying the fundamental essence of Qigong, life development and the cultivation of the consciousness


௳ Easy to learn, suitable for all conditions  

௳ Fast and effective healing results improving the overall health of the body/mind

௳ Increases energy levels, bringing more vitality to your total life

௳ Stabilise and unify the mind with the body and qi  

௳ Develop the consciousness and overall life to its full potential

௳ Enjoy the simple and nourishing practice that follows the nature of the body,qi and the universe.

The methods improve the practitioner’s ability to observe and understand the nature of totality and follow the laws of the universe.

Yuan Gong practice is also intended to be efficient. Many people have difficulty finding time out of their busy lives to practice. A short practice of Yuan Gong in the morning of 30-45 minutes is all that is needed to make a difference to your day.The coordinated use of the mind and the physical movements benefit both the body and mind.The focus on breathing exercises further promotes this unification and the development of consciousness on a deep level.

The method facilitates comprehensive exchange of qi between humans and the universe. Large amount of qi can be gathered efficiently to replenish our internal qi and activate our capacity for self healing


Positive change can be experienced within a relatively short time of practice with obvious healing effects.  The methods can improve health and make change to various health problems.  In a holistic sense Yuan Gong works on mind, body and qi as one and works on the totality of life, to try to understand how to get our life back to optimum health.

On a physical level the practice can strengthen the physical body and make improvement on the musculoskeletal level,immune system and organs. The two methods combined work on both the upper and lower body.  At the same time practitioners improve their Qi (energy) levels and condition. The methods open blockages in the the body and begin to open the channels and promote the flow of channel qi in the whole body.

 On a Qi level Yuan Gong activates and stores qi effectively in all three dantians(energy centres) in the body and distributed qi well through the whole body, in physical structures, channels and organs.

Consciousness level The methods improve clarity and sensitivity of the consciousness which helps lay the foundation for the future development of special abilities.Aids in the development of ability to perform external qi healing. Beneficial for improving overall health, stability of the state of consciousness and for developing the consciousness to its potential.

Qigong and Ren Xue emphasises the importance of being the master of one’s own life, own destiny.

please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hiqpu2np8us for more information

for an outline of the first four methods visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ff7EAVbkUBU



Depression has dogged me for many years and I tried psychotherapy, 12 step groups, yoga, gym work and read dozens of self-help books. All these methods helped some, but none as much as regular Qigong practice which is taking my life to a new level of satisfaction and achievement. I am able to manage my mood much more effectively through combining shen (consciousness) and qi (vital force) and am excited how Qi Gong practice and the accompanying Ren Xue study are helping to transform my life into something I feel really good about (FL).

“Through daily practice of the basic exercises I have found much better health a great sense of well being and greater flexibility. More energy and strength as well as clearance of pain in shoulder from old injury.  Although I have had migraine fortnightly most of my life, since practicing regularly I have had only one bout in the last two years. For that alone it’s worth continuing yet I know the benefits are much more than that.”Anon

“Yuangong has changed my life positively. Previously, I had worked in a very Qi-depleting job for 5  years. I had the symptoms of something like chronic fatigue syndrome only I would never go to a doctor to be diagnosed or treated. My life had come to a standstill. I was just pulling myself to my job every day through sheer willpower . My shoulder muscles were hard like iron so tense. I wasn’t sleeping very well at all, and I was not eating proper healthy food. I was craving a lot of sugar and as a result, gained a lot of weight.  When I started practicing qigong things started to shift. The first thing I noticed was that my body felt more relaxed, and I started to do the exercises moves almost every day. This was unheard of for me, I couldn’t probably count the many things I have tried, the hundreds of resolutions I have made to exercise every day. But doing the Qigong moves seemed to come naturally – very few days have passed that I haven’t done them”. Anon

“I have only been practicing Qigong and Ren Xue for approximately a year and a half, but have already experienced a range of benefits.I am 27 years old now and have always enjoyed very good health. Up until about 3 years ago, I thought that my body was pretty much invincible and that it was just mine to use without paying much attention to it. Looking back, I now know that mainly due to my work as a gardener and landscaper I used up my capital very quickly. Soon, the aches arrived in my arms and hands and my joints would be all stiff in the mornings. I knew that something had to change, but didn’t know what. I love my gardening and didn’t just want to give it up and go back to working in an office. So, just as my desperation grew, it was suggested to me that Qigong would be very good to improve my condition.

“The key difference since my involvement with Yuan Gong has been my awareness of mind, body and spirit. I live a much more conscious life realizing I have a much bigger role than I previously thought I had in my own health, well-being and happiness. I find myself looking inward and being more thoughtful with my actions.” Lara Moore


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