Online Classes and Learning

Making Time Work For You to create the change you want

If you would like to embark on online training with Qigong

I teach Yuangong as a comprehensive modern day form of qigong which is easy to learn, is enjoyable and offers very good results without  taking alot of time.

I have set up a comprehensive coaching program for clients to assist you in developing a daily practice and a practice that you can bring into your everyday life and see benefits in your whole life.  The online training guides students step by step, releasing new material when you the student is ready.  Each level of Yuangong training includes both theory slideshows and practice video of each separate exercise within the method you are working on.

One on One coaching is available at discounted prices for those already enrolled in a program

If you want better health and wellbeing, experience a better relationship to yourself and others and feel clearer in your life direction Yuan Gong should definately be apart of your toolkit.

To find out a little more about qigong you can access a free Introduction to Qigong and Self Healing below as well as access more information on further training.