Weekly Qigong Classes


Tuesday Evenings 6-7.30 pm  Fellworth House, Milton Street


Wednesday Evenings (time to be confirmed) Riverside Community

Thursday Mornings 10-11.30 am Riverside Community

Ruby Bay

Potential Wednesday Mornings 10-11.30 or an afternoon 1.30-3.00pm at the Wee Wellbeing Studio

Private sessions by arrangement


Yuan Gong, an innovative form of Qigong,  gentle exercise and meditation that integrates movement, posture, breathing, energy and awareness.

Ren Xue combines work on the body and Qi(energy) with work on the mind and heart.

The practices are enjoyable and easy to learn and have improved the health and wellbeing of people all over the world.


Term 2 begins Tuesday 30th April

Classes include further teaching and practicing of Yuan Gong, Self healing practices and investigating how to improve our everyday life through Ren Xue.  The group class is also a supportive environment to practice and learn together.

New workshop

Awakening the light of your True Nature

In this 10 week workshop you will get an overview to be able to empower your health and growth to create unification and internal harmony

Unification is the basis to grow more self observation and awareness to reach more clarity and self realization

‘Pure observation combined with a open heart can lead the way to higher realization

Learning the basis of unifying body mind and qi with Yuan Qigong

Learn about the patterns of the consciousness within the Ren Xue System that block us from our freedom to be full of health, wellbeing and potential

Meditations to open and deepen the connection to our hearts and relationship to ourselves and others

Identify themes of our lives and understand ourselves better to focus our work to create transformation


Tuesday Evenings 5.30-7.00pm 

$200 term(10 weeks) or $150 unwaged


Motueka  Riverside Community Cultural Centre

Wednesday evenings 5.30-7.00pm

$200 term(10 weeks) or $150 unwaged


Online classes and learning also available


Qigong Workshops

It is advisable to book in early as I take a maximum of 8 people per workshop

All workshops are also available online to work in with your time schedule

click here to access online Training   https://heartwisdom.mykajabi.com/store   

Beginners Workshop  (half day) covers the level 1 & 2  introductory exercises of Yuan Gong Tian Yuan and Di Yuan as well as Self healing, Meditation and Relaxation techniques.   The price of the introductory workshops is $89 inclusive morning tea.


Ren Yuan Workshop Learn a moving meditation that calms the mind yet works on improving one’s health by stretching and strengthening the overall condition of the body.  This collection of movements bring more flexibility and balance.  Creating more flow and  vitality in your life by opening the qi channels in your body. This full day workshop is $179 


Connect to your inner Compass

inner compass

How to become the director and Healer of our own lives

An in depth introduction to yuangong, qi and the mind. 

Movements, Meditations and Mindsets to empower change.

The very root of our problems the consciousness has the very potential to heal and transform our life.

Six 2 hour modules of learning with slides and other learning materials, a private one to one session during the six weeks .  The Total cost of this offer is $285.

If you have completed a previous workshop with me then a $60 discount is available

click on link below for more course information


  Keeping the CALM, A focus on Qigong and parenting $60

(available on request, minimimum 5 pax needed)

Using Meditation to create change

  • Learn how to sit well during your practice using mind and posture correctly
  • Calm and focus the mind with breathing techniques
  • Reflective meditations to open the heart
  • Cultivate more positivity in your relationship to yourself and others

(available on request, minimimum 5 pax needed)


If you would like to register please

1.Go to book in and fill out the health background and waiver forms below are the links

2. Pay course fee into account N Meijer 123494005895000 to secure your place

Background , Health and Goal form


Student Waiver Form



Healing And Cultivation Session

Life Cultivation sessions involve;

  • Gaining tools to know oneself, developing the skills of Self examination and Self awareness thus developing more self responsibility in solving lifes problems.   The  consciousness is the master of life.  The core work of the session is to transform life through identifying and understanding the patterns on both behavioural and consciousness  (heart/mind) levels that limit our growth and potential.


  • Changing Oneself by changing the patterns, the limiting stories by changing the information on the level of the consciousness.  This process of change can be supported by Yi Qi technique, Qifield building, relaxation and guided meditation.  Please click here for more information on Yi Qi Therapy.


  • 5 Xin Care, providing support and care on the level of heart to make real changes.  Providing a safe environment and state in which to change.  The 5 Xin refers to developing and deepening fundamental innate human qualities such as trust, openness, love, gratitude and respect.  When we develop these qualities internally healing and change happen more easefully and naturally.

These sessions are available in person at

  • The Heart Wisdom Space, Nelson
  • Aniwaniwa Yurt Stay, Motueka
  • Online from the comfort of your home

Cost is $70 per session or $65 per session if four sessions or more sessions are booked


I have discovered a whole new approach to my daily qi gong practice since the retreat! mainly that I now feel a new level of enjoyment that is making the commitment to practising daily so much easier. I am feeling a much deeper connection to both my own qi state, and the qi field around me, and am loving tapping back into the amazing field that we all created during the retreat. I’ve also found the transition back into “normal life” was just so incredibly easy, because I feel like this new state is now “normal” to me, and that is a huge blessing. I find it incredible to have moved into this deeper awareness from just a weekend, after three years of a very on off relationship with qi gong, I really feel like it’s on now and that this will only continue to develop and grow from here’.DW


Natalie is a gentle teacher who is quite sensitive to feel and keep a balance between too much and not enough. It was very easy to learn Yuan gong from her. The yurt was filled with an intense, pulsating energy and it was profoundly peaceful at the same time. Birds were singing out there while we were clearing the ‘field’ around us. That was absolutely magical. I was deeply thankful for being there.  Zoltan Balazs


I really enjoyed the workshop.  It was relaxing, gentle and I came away feeling quietly powerful.  I had been generally out of sorts & unbalanced within myself for sometime due to PTSD.  Since Saturday I feel more peaceful, energetic and connected to myself, my life and my world.  Thank you.  I look forward to Friday. KN


I really enjoyed the workshop and I feel grateful for the light and information you shared with us. I just know that the practice of Yuan Gong will bring positive changes and health to my body, mind and spiritual being. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Evette