Reflecting on 2018 with Gratitude

Global Ren Xue Full Moon theme 22nd December "Reflect on 2018 and get ready for 2019".  What has 2018 been for you?  Whatever it has been with gratitude we can transform even a challenging year into treasure.  Still with the passing of each year and the beginning of the next there is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the [...]

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What is True Intimacy?

Are you lacking intimacy in your life? What does it feel like to have a truly intimate relationship? What stops you from being truly intimate? As human beings we have a deep innate need to feel connected and valued by others. Research shows that the aging process slows down considerably when people have relationships in [...]

The Joys of Parenting

  You hear this term sometimes with an air of sarcasm, or when a parent is feeling at there wits end or really feels like giving up. We may all have felt like this sometimes along the path, parenting is life itself and like life there are highs and lows. How can we come into [...]